PU Radio: This is Jyotigarmye 91.2 FM


The Panjab University Vice-Chancellor, Prof. R.C. Sobti today announced the name of the PU Radio station given as “Jyotigarmye” (light) with a
tagline or slogan “Parho Aur Parhao” (read and teach).  The PU radio station will be on air at 91.2 frequency modulation (FM) shortly.

Prof. Sobti announced this in his inaugural address at the International
Seminar on “Coinage of the Imperial Guptas and their Contemporaries: New Perspectives”
organised by the university department of Ancient Indian History, Culture and
Archaeology on the university campus here today.

The Vice-Chancellor spoke at length tracing the origin and development of
various dynasties civilisations and religious practices besides ancient architecture,
use of common effective herbal medicines which found their mention in ancient
scriptures and literature such as ‘Ayurveda’.
    Professor Sobti said many herbs like turmeric and oilseeds like sarson
(mustard) and traditional Indian foods have a proven nutritional, medicinal and health
value compared to the modern fast food like burgers, pizzas and beverages saying that
we as Indians should not be totally averse to the positive and beneficial developments
of the world and must also acknowledge the developments which were not detrimental to
the eco-system and the environment around us.  He said importance of environment finds
its mention in ancient Indian history and books on religion.
    Prof. N.K Ojha, Chairman welcomed the participants who comprised from, besides
India, abroad.  The seminar will conclude tomorrow.   The seminar is directed by Prof.
Ashvini Agrawal of the department.
Scholars who have come from different parts of the world include Prof. Hans T. Bakker
from Groningen, Neitherlands, Ellen M.Raven from University of Leiden, Neitherlands,
Dr. Robert Bracey from British Museum, London, Mr. Sanjeev Kumar from Chicago.  Prof.
J.P. Singh and Prof. P.N. Singh Chairman and Secretary of Numismatic Society of India
are also participating in the seminar.  The theme of the seminar was introduced by
Prof. Ashvini Agrawal.  Dr. Ellen M. Raven delivered the key note address
on “Samudragupta’s Asvamedha coins in the patterning of early Gupta coins designs.  
Her presentation threw new light on the dissimilarities between Asvamedha coins in
style, iconography and use of legends.  Robert Bracey presented his paper on the “
Kusana coins in the Gupta period”.  His paper offered a comparison of several aspects
of Gupta and Kusana Coinage.  Prof. Pratipal Bhatia presented a paper on “ Sassanian
contemporaries of Imperial Guptas: A Survey of Sassanian coin finds from India”.  The
Numismatic Society of India conferred on her a medal for her exemplary research in the
field of numismatics.  In the post lunch session Mr. Sanjeev Kumar presented his paper
on “Gupta coins – controversies, debates and reality.  He debated on various issues
related to the Gupta coins and proposed a new classifications too.  Dr. Susmita Basu
Majumdar presented a paper on Numismatic evidence in Bengal during the reign of Guptas.

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